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David Sturner is the President and CEO of MHP Real Estate Services.  Since joining the firm in 1995, David has been largely responsible for the development and rapid growth of the services MHP offers its partners and third-party clients.

Under his guidance, the brokerage, project and asset management departments were formed, elevating David to the chief operating officer responsible for overseeing all of MHP’s operations for their commercial real estate portfolio consisting of more than 5 million sq. ft.

David’s hands-on approach has been instrumental in assembling due diligence for all acquisition opportunities. He evaluates each potential acquisition by extensively surveying the properties and reviewing all engineering reports to determine any/all outstanding capital expenditures that need to be addressed during the hold period for each asset.

In David’s current position as President and CEO, he now oversees all of MHP’s business including the brokerage division consisting of 35 dynamic sales and leasing professionals.  David lends more than two decades of vast experience in construction management to MHP’s leasing agents to aid in meeting their client’s real estate requirements.

Prior to joining MHP, David got his start in construction management in 1989 when he joined Structure Tone, a top 20 general construction firm and the largest interior building contractor in the United States.

Mr. Sturner graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Business Administration and is an active member of the Real Estate Board of New York.