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Susan Burke

Facilities Operations Manager

p: 212-763-3505

e: sburke@mhpnyc.com

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Susan Burke serves as a Facilities Operations Manager at MHP Real Estate Services.  Susan Burke joined MHP in 1994 and quickly demonstrated that she possessed leadership qualities.  During Ms. Burke’s twenty-five years with MHP, she has been directly responsible for implementing successful efficiencies to streamline our operations policies and procedures.  She works closely with Head of Operations, President of Project Management, Asset Management and the firms Principals.  She oversees the operations of MHP’s owned and managed property maintenance staff, environmental service staff, security, service contractors and vendors.  Ms. Burke organizes staff training, scheduling and work order prioritization.  Susan supervises property renovations, maintains strict departmental and project budgets and ensures that MHP’s portfolio meet all government regulatory guidelines.

Susan is a native New Yorker who enjoys spending time with her family.